5 ways to make tea part of your day

The aroma of fresh brewed tea is subtle and very soothing to the mind. Making tea is an easy process. Some people choose to brew loose tea leaves and use a strainer to make tea. Others choose to buy tea bags and allow the tea to steep in a bag to make tea.

You can choose your favorite type of tea from the hundreds of teas available. Finding out about tea and Read More »

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How to make sun tea

Those who care most about their tea and how it’s made don’t wonder how to make sun tea because they’d never consider anything less than very hot water to make their tea.

For the rest, especially those of us with fond childhood memories of sun tea served with honey over ice, its still nice to know how to make. Sun tea takes time Read More »

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How to make sweet tea

how to make sweet teaIf you’re concerned about your sugar intake then learning how to make sweet tea will quickly fall off your to-do list. Here’s why: You’re looking at nearly 2 cups of sugar in every pitcher of the stuff. That’s sweet tea, son!

But no matter. If there’s tea to be had, there’s tea to be enjoyed with loads of sugar and perhaps a dash of lemon Read More »

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Spruce needle tea

Spruce tea? Indeed! There’s something thrilling about the idea of going for a stroll, gathering some leaves, and bringing them back for tea. I’ve heard it said that writers are blessed because they get to live twice. Read More »

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Exploring green tea

As New England emerges from the icy clutches of Winter, I can’t even begin to explain the joy that comes with seeing the green of new grass. Perhaps I’ll try. Seeing the emerging green of Spring is akin to the smiling trembles of a lazy kiss. It’s lovely and needed and memorable. Read More »

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Tea by the sea

Taking a ride to be by the sea and sip some tea is high on the list of things I love to do.

We’re just getting started here but get ready for some thoughtful ideas, tips, and inspiration on how to make tea a part of thriving in your life.

All the best!

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