Spruce needle tea

Spruce tea? Indeed! There’s something thrilling about the idea of going for a stroll, gathering some leaves, and bringing them back for tea. I’ve heard it said that writers are blessed because they get to live twice. First with their breath and then through their writing. Seeing this beautiful photo with a recipe for spruce needle tea made me think along the same lines. It must taste like strolling through a forest all over again!

I saw this from Yellow Spruce Photography and started laughing! Delicious?

If you can’t read the image well, here’s the recipe for spruce needle tea:

  1. Pick green spruce needles until you have a handful.
  2. Add spruce needles to two cups of cool water and bring to a boil.
  3. Lower heat to a simmer and add a teaspoon of spruce sap.
  4. Strain spruce needles from your tea and add honey to taste.

It will taste like the forest has leaped into your cup. Thinking about going for strolls and collecting things for tea reminds me of a time I did just that for mint tea with an Amish family.

But I’ll save that one for another time. Enjoy your spruce needle tea and know that you’re blessed.

More information on the spruce tree and making tea from it:

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